Diane Guerrero Reveals How She Relates To Encanto’s Isabela


If there are no characters with whom the viewer can connect in a Disney animated film, the film is generally not fulfilling its purpose very effectively. You can’t sell Disney Princess costumes unless the princesses are approachable and aspirational in some manner.

You might easily argue that Disney characters have only become more relatable in recent years. While characters like Elsa (Idina Menzel) from “Frozen” and Moana (Aulii Cravalho) from her own film are relatable despite having powers over water (weird connection), Disney’s latest film “Encanto” focuses primarily on Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz), the only character in her storey who does not have any superpowers.

Nonetheless, “Encanto” is a narrative of the whole Madrigal clan, a magical family who utilises their abilities to provide joy to and defend the communities around them. The other members of Mirabel’s family who have supernatural abilities are just as sympathetic.

Looper spoke with Diane Guerrero about her character, Isabela, and why, despite her power to instantly generate flowers anywhere she wants, she is still immensely sympathetic. In truth, Guerrero (like her co-star Stephanie Beatriz) feels a strong connection to the character she portrays.

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