Dickinson Season 2 Episode 8: ‘I Am Nobody! Who Are You’ Checkout Now

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As viewers know, we’re in Dickinson’s second installment right now. The show has pulled out some of the responses we needed from last season and still continues to grow on its own plot.

Right now, we have seen that Emily is torn between standing up in the glare of fame or still hidden in the darkness of obscurity in the new episode of Dickinson that has fallen out. We have wrapped up the details regarding any little detail you need to hear about Dickinson season 2 episode 8 for this post.

This is where the whole party of ladies from the Dickinson family want to get rid of their bad vibes and go for a day at the spa. Then, we see Emily settling down to let her mother know all her thoughts.

All this time, they are both joined by an old acquaintance she accidentally bumps into.

Dickinson Season 2 – Release Date

The release date of Dickinson season 2 episode 8 is what we are going to announce first, and the most important bit. So, on the 12th of February 2021, the episode is set to air.

Apple TV plus is the board from which it will collapse. New episodes are released every week on Friday on the streaming site on Apple TV plus, as usual. Episode 8 of Dickinson Season 2 was titled ‘I’m Nobody, Who Are You?’ ’. We will deal with how Emily is dealing with the fallout in this upcoming story.

It was created when, in order to print them, she turned over all her work as a poet to Sam. At the end of the previous show, the cliffhanger left us asking if Sam is even going to bring out Emily’s work and give her the credit?

The name of the episode itself comes from another spoiler that we can think of. The Ghost of Nobody that we all knew back in episode 3 of Dickinson season 2 could appear again. It’s all a possibility and not a sure thing.

The next thing the people are concerned about is, of course, Austin and Sue’s engagement and how it gets ruined day after day. Since exchanging a kiss with Jane, everyone needs to know what’s going to happen.

The previous episode called ‘Forever is made up of Nows’ mainly takes place at the spa with all the Dickinson family’s female members going out and treating themselves together.

Although Emily takes some of the hot stones as well as other spa-listed therapies, she narrates her anxiety of thinking that Sam will no longer publish her work with Sue. We see later in the scenes that Emily is upset and pinning it on Sue as if it were all her fault.

Plot For Dickinson Season 2 Episode 8

In fact, as you can all recall, it was Sue who, first of all, had Emily hand her poetry over to Sam to publish them officially. Vinny comes out as they are both at it and lets out her love for Emily. She tells her how genuinely inspiring she is and the person to whom Vinny looks up.

Right there, even the senior Emily pipes in to make Emily feel better about herself and offers support and wisdom to throw some trust on her side.

There could be a better day, and then we see George stumbling upon Emily. He also tells her how he is a fan of all the poetry she writes and her work.

This may all be really relaxing, but back home there is chaos taking place. Austin and Jane are seen together.

He supports Jane when she completes her will as well as her baby’s bonds. Austin reaches in and kisses her as she is getting ready to leave.

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When Jane tells him of how they all married different people, the two have to quit later.

It is when Henry, as an abolitionist, continues his work. Next up, we see Sam in the plot, waiting for Emily to come back home.

When she is back from the spa, he finds her. Sam tells Emily that the following day, all of her poetry will be published in the magazine, and this ignites her trust in him. This is because, to complete the publication process, she turns over all her work to him.


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