Did you know that Tom Ellis had once given an audition for Outlander!!

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Thomas Tom Ellis is a Welsh actor who is known for his role as Lucifer Morningstar in Lucifer. It is recently revealed that Tom Ellis has auditioned for Outlander.

Outlander hero Sam Heughan who played Jamie Fraser and Tom Ellis, both are old friends. Both sat down for catch-up via Square Mile and recalled their journey. They talked about the Scottish Highlands-based series.

What did Tom Ellis say about this?

Ellis tells his friend that he has got a secret to tell. He said that he auditioned for Outlander. He adds that he went for Tobias Menzie’s part, ‘Black Jack’ Rendall, not for Jamie Fraser. He said how he read the script and found it good. 

Was Sam Heughan surprised to know this?

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To his friend’s reveal, Heughan said that he is not sure how he would have felt working with him in that particular series. He said this considering the character’s torture and sexual abuse of Jamie. 

He said that it would have been tricky. He added that Tom Ellis could easily fit in Frank Randall’s role because he is charming and lovable and, on the other hand, Black Jack’s part is just the opposite of this. He concluded that Tobias has done an amazing job, but you would have done it in quite a different way.

Many other actors have tried to start their career with some other movies but ended up doing more than that. Stay tuned with us and follow the space for more updates.


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