Digital Closet Brings Out the Sharp Dressed Man in Me

Digital Closet Brings Out the Sharp Dressed Man in Me
Digital Closet Brings Out the Sharp Dressed Man in Me

Have you ever been stuck in your closet trying to figure out what to wear? All of the usual questions cross your mind. Is Digital warm enough out for this shirt? Does this shirt go with these pants? Didn’t I just wear this a couple of days ago?

This week’s Digital technology:

I’d like to see solves all of this. It’s a digital closet. Think of a big database that stores all of the information about your clothes that can be access using a touch screen panel with a built-in scanner in your closet.

I think I’d start by tagging all of my clothing with some sort of bar code that could be discretely sewn into the inside of each clothing item. This way, whenever I want to reference a specific clothing item, I could just scan the bar code and find out important pieces of information about the clothing item such as:

When I last wore it

What other clothing items in my closet match the one I just scann (complete with pictures of course)
How this shirt rates by not only me but my friends, family and co-workers as well
That last item is my favorite. Say I wear a new shirt to the office one day and a co-worker says “Hey, I really like that new shirt!” With my new digital closet, I would be sure to go home that night, re-scan the bar code on my shirt and enter a 5-star rating for the shirt. Or if the person that said that has no taste in fashion whatsoever, I might just do the opposite and give it a 1 or 2-star rating.

The power of the digital closet

This of course leads to the more fun aspects of my digital closet. You could create tags (categories) for certain pairings of clothes. So when you have that big important meeting with the CEO you can just tell the digital closet to show you your best 5-star or “power” outfits.

And let’s not forget complete integration with the current or prict temperature. This is an obvious inclusion so my digital closet doesn’t suggest my favorite sweater in the middle of July.

I could go on and on with more enhancements but instead I’d love to hear yours. What would add to or integrate with the digital closet? Leave a comment below and let me know.


Technologies present in the TILTS series are bas on my original (and sometimes delirious) thoughts. I present them here to the public only because I can not afford to implement any of them myself. If you “borrow” one of my ideas and end up filthy rich because of it, please remember where you got the idea and throw a little love my way. Something like a BMW or a big fat check would do just fine.


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