Director Scott Derrickson’s exit makes fans worried about Doctor Strange 2



  • Fans are not happy with Director Scott Derrickson’s farewell from the second part of Doctor Strange.
  • Some of them are accusing Marvel Universe of being afraid to try something new.
  • Others got convinced that Disney is going to tank the upcoming film.

Inside Story

Marvel fans are pretty upset after the recent announcement of Doctor Strange 2. According to the sources, Marvel Studios and director Scott Derrickson have decided to part their ways. 

The first part of the film received love from all over the globe and the second part was one of the most anticipated ones. However, after knowing that there will be a new director in the upcoming flick has upset the viewers. As usual, Derrickson will serve as executive producer, but the showrunners will begin searching for a new director soon.

In one of the statements, Marvel Studios stated that due to creative differences, Scot Derrickson and Marvel Studios are parting ways, and they said that they are grateful to Derrickson for his contributions in the past to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Even Scott posted the same thing on his Twitter post. Furthermore, he added that he is thankful for their collaboration and will remain in as Executive Producer.

Fans are not happy with this piece of news, and some have taken to their social media accounts to express their views. Some of them were disappointed and thought that it would be a chance for the upcoming film. One of the fans also stated that the showrunners would surely find a good replacement.

However, some argued that they liked the first part, and they believed that it was due to Derrickson. They aren’t excited about the second part anymore.

According to the sources, ‘Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness’ was speculated to be a horror flick that would contain a scary sequence. Some fans are doubting that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige wasn’t agreeing to Derrickson’s Doctor Strange Horror film and decided to replace him. 

One of the fans also wrote that Disney would tank Doctor Strange 2. Another wrote that Marvel is allowing James Gun to experiment with Guardians of the Galaxy, but he won’t allow Scott Derrickson to make changes to Doctor Strange film.

One of the fans also accused Marvel Studios that they are scared to take risks and want to stick with something familiar.


Fans are bummed with this news. And they are hoping for the Marvel Studios to pick the right director for the film will be a flop movie. Currently, fans are excited for Thor 4, which is going to release in 2022. 

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