Disappearance of a crucial character on Bones not resolved yet!

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Television history tells us that we aren’t the ones knowing everything. There were loopholes and vanishing moments and these aren’t going anywhere in the future as well. Just as you’ve seen over the years, Coco cooked for The Golden Girls but we couldn’t get yet another glimpse of her in the second episode. Similarly, Family Matters’ Judy Winslow went upstairs but we never saw her coming down.

Here are we reminding you of another character on the list of the missing. Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz were involved in this show alongside Jonathan Adams who played the role of Goodman in the very first season of Fox’s comedic crime. The character did a merely fair job and in the process was also able to develop a unique working relationship with the otherwise very science-focused Dr. Jack Hodgins.

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During the show’s inaugural season too, he was a pivotal part of the team. The team wished to solve numerous cases they had got themselves onboard on and the happily married father of twins was always there to provide his crucial assistance to this mystery. In addition to that, we also got to witness a friendly rivalry between him and Hodgins. 

However, let us agree on the fact that it did seem a bit nasty at the beginning of the show. More importantly, fans thought that the character would play more such pivotal roles in the near future but that wasn’t in the production team’s list!

At the end of the first season, we witnessed that Goodman went on sabbatical and to our dismay, never return back…


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