Disappointing update on Stranger Things Season 4

Source: Digital Spy

There is a disappointing update for fans of the popular Netflix series Stranger things as you won’t be able to witness the show until at least 2022. Mike Wheeler star Finn Wolfhard recently came up with this disappointing update in a Fanmio video call. He quoted that Season 4 should be out sometime next year but no news of its being out just right now and that certainly seems like a long, long time to wait. Doesn’t it?

The only thing we can hope for now is that the show should drop by sometime in the early stages of next year. Everybody has been eagerly waiting for the nostalgic Netflix sci-fi to be renewed and resume shooting but with whatever has transpired over the last 13 months, it is quite clear that the dates are bound to be pushed back.

Source: Oracle Globe

The wait is much more for the fourth season of the sci-fi show is because it is worth it. Season 3 ended with a lot many unanswered questions and the audience is extremely curious to know what more is in store for them in their next installment. Previously, Dustin Henderson’s Gaten Matarazzo has already weighed in on Stranger Things’ mature evolution in season 4.

He did make it point to comment on the tone of the season and said that the tone is definitely going to be mature this season. He continued saying that as the series is getting older and accustomed and eventually as the people involved in the series are growing, it is of utmost importance to grow as characters as well. Thus, the maturity that comes it in the fourth season as a wow factor. This is certainly planned to be used as ammunition for their writing.


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