Disenchantment is coming back with its latest fourth season!!

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We all know Matt Groening for his amazing genres and he got more fame after his new series Disenchantment that was released with its first season in 2018. The fantasy genre drama has completed its three seasons with 10 episodes each and has got a lot of fan following. Since the release of the third season, fans are eagerly waiting for any announcement or update for the fourth season of Disenchantment. We are here for that only. Scroll down and get to know everything about it. 

Any release date for the fourth season??

There is no release date for the fourth season of the show but if we follow the pattern of the series for releasing its seasons then we can expect the fourth season in 2022. The only thing known is that the series is renewed for the fourth season with 10 new episodes. But we have to wait at least for one year to get the new season.

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The fourth season will have something new!!

As of now, there are no updates about the story of the upcoming season. Assumptions can be made as it does not harm anything or anyone. There were some loose threads left in the previous season from which we can say or expect something about the fourth season of Disenchantment. We have seen a lot of new things happened in the previous season. There is a lot of suspense to be cleared in the upcoming season. 

The cast for the fourth season is revealed!!

The previous season of the series ended with a lot of cliffhangers and we can expect to see those members who were involved in this. So it is safe to assume that Abbi Jacobson, Nat Faxon, and Eric Andre will be reprising their respective roles. We have seen that the two characters King Zog and Queen Dagmar have played major roles in the previous season so fans will be expecting to see them reprising their roles for the fourth season. 

There is no official announcement for any other name whether to leave or join the cast members. Everyone is waiting for any news or updates from the officials.

The thing that can be said for sure is that fans are going to have the fourth season for sure and maybe the production work has also started (nothing confirmed). All the latest updates about Disenchantment Season 4 will be shared here. So stay tuned with us and follow the space for more updates.


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