Disenchantment Season 3: Interesting Plot Updates For You


Disenchantment Season 3 is an upcoming third installment to the American animated TV series named Disenchantment which is created by Matt Groening and streamed on Netflix. The genre will stick again to the elements of the Animated sitcom, Black comedy, Off-color humor, and Medieval fantasy. 

Plot We May Expect

Fans will sure able to see the start of season 3 from where Season 2 was ended. At the end of season 2, we saw that King Zog was threatened to be killed by his own daughter Bean. But the three were free to remove the bullet from the body of King Zog. A Kangaroo court was kept by secret society seekers where Bean, Elfo, and Luci declared to be burned at the stake. 

So, fans will sure to see in season 3 that the Princess Bean will having regrets on her deed and will go on the journey which is unknown to us. Further, we can’t expect more but we are sure to see the more adventures of Princess Bean where the fans are really eager to watch it.

Disenchantment Season 3: Interesting Plot Updates For You


As the season 3 is successfully renewed by Netflix, the fans may expect the Disenchantment Season 3 will be released during this year only, i.e. September 2020. But there is no formal release date is announced as there are some possibilities of the delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. So fans hold on your eagerness for a while.


The main cast will remain which are Princess Bean, King Zog, Luci, Elfo, Queen Oona, Prince Merkimer, The Herald, Oval, Bunty, Sorcery, Stan and Queen Dagmar. There are many chances for the new main cast to enter the Season 3. There are also possibilities of new supporting and recurring characters to come where old recurring and supporting characters may or may not enter or make a cameo appearance.

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