Disney to tale a big step, will be focusing on the streaming content


The pandemic has turned things upside down and so for the entertainment industries. The productions along with release are slowing down and shifting the dates to the coming year.

The company that is taking steps is Walt Disney. It was announced that a corporate restructure is working in the media and entertainment sections that will be seen focusing on streaming content.

A new organization is formed for the direct-to-consumer strategy that will control all the content distribution, ad sales and Disney+ at one place.

Talking to the CEO Bob Chapek, he said it’s not that the pandemic is the reason behind this new setup, it is, but it was our long-term plan.

The Disney making this move is the fact that no other studio is as famous and successful as they had with blockbuster releases in the past. Disney’s other streaming services include Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+, which has 100 million paid subscribers and the number is expected to increase as the new releases will be made on the platform.

The Mandalorian Season 2 and The MCU’s WandaVision are expected to be released around the end and in December respectively. Disney+ is being the game changer and a competition for other streaming companies.


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