Disney+ Unveils the First Slate of European Originals!!


Disney+ is ready to launch its European Originals for its international brand Star. The number of projects that are in hand right now is 10 including genres of drama, comedy, and documentary from France, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. Your excitement will increase when you will come to know that Creators and producers like Juliette Howel, Stephen Butchard, Quoc Dang Tran, and Jörg Winger are a part of this project.

Disney has its target set of commissioning 50 productions on the European continent by 2024 as announced last year in December. Disney promises to serve regional and diverse talent through their new project. 

The new titles are listed below along with their country of launch:


  1. Oussekine: A Star Original mini-series, directed by Antoine Chevrollier. The story revolves around the true incidents that took place on 5th December 1986 leading to the death of a young student. 
  2. Parallels: It is an original fantasy series created by Quoc Dang Tran. Its plot is of four teenagers whose life takes a 360 turn when a mysterious event takes them into parallel dimensions. It is produced by Empreinte Digitale and Daïmôn Films.
  3. Weekend Family: A comedy series that portrays the life of a new stepfamily that meets up every weekend. The story takes a turn when the father finds a new partner and the weekends completely change. It is created by Baptiste Filluel.
  4. Soprano: Sing or Die – A Star Original documentary series featuring France’s one of the popular recording artists.
Source: Hollywood reporter


  1. The Good Mothers: This is a story told completely from a women’s perspective. It is a story of three women born in the most deadly and wealthy Italian mafia clan. 
  2. Boris: The original crew of a low-budget drama series “The Eyes of the Heart”. It recollects the behind-the-scenes and the crew. 
  3. The Ignorant Angels: This is a romantic drama inspired by a blockbuster Italian movie. It is a Star Original series from a Turkish-Italian director, FerzanOzpetek.


  1. Sam- A Saxon: Focusing on the real-life story of Samuel Meffire, East-Germany’s first black police officer, is produced by Jörg Winger and Tyron Ricketts.
  2. Sultan City: This is a dark-comedy series telling the story of a German-Turkish family who accidentally become head of the criminal underworld.


  1. Feyenoord Rotterdam: It features the most famous soccer teams in the Netherlands and is a sports documentary.

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