Disney+‘s MCU Timeline Differs From Marvel Studios’

Disney+‘s MCU Timeline Differs From Marvel Studios’
Disney+‘s MCU Timeline Differs From Marvel Studios’

There are so many movies in the MCU that it becomes a bit difficult to follow the bigger story. To make things easy MCU had earlier released an official timeline to clarify things and movies lined up but with the new Disney+ list things messed up for MCU.


In the original timeline released by MCU, it is said that the events of Thor: The Dark World took place after the events of Iron Man 3. The same can be confirmed by watching Avengers: Endgame wherein its time travel sequence it is clearly discussed and clarified by the characters that the events of Iron Man 3 take place in 2012 and that of Thor: The Dark World takes place in 2013. Everyone believed this thing until recently Disney+ got the online streaming rights of the Marvel Studios movies and issued a list of the films arranged chronologically but the list features Iron Man 3 before Thor: The Dark World.

Now, this thing has created an issue as the timeline of the events has been jeopardized. A similar thing has happened with Doctor Strange. Originally Doctor Strange takes place in the years 2016 and 2017 in the backdrop of Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man: Homecoming and Black Panther but the latest Disney+ timeline has placed Doctor Strange after Black Panther. 

There is ultimate chaos and confusion among fan and media after this development. These new timelines could be a revision or an error made by the Disney+ in the list. But don’t you worry as we are here for you and will keep you updated on the same.


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