Disney+’s Once upon a Snowman gives Olaf some never-before-seen moments


Olaf the lovable and cuddly snowman became a fan-favourite from the moment he debuted on Disney’s Frozen. Seven years later, he has been firmly ensconced in the hearts of fans through all his adventures.

In the latest show featuring Olaf, Once upon a Snowman on Disney+, will follow him through his first steps since his creation by Elsa. It is also set to give him a moment that the Frozen films never did.

The trailer sees Olaf in a variety of new and interesting situations. Writers and co-directors Dan Abraham and Trent Correy have spoken to CinemaBlend about some of their most favourite moments from the short film.

While Abraham’s favourite was a scene between the snowman and the returning shop-owner Oaken, Correy spoke about the chase sequence which is a new experience for Olaf. Correy was the one to come up with the idea for the short so fans should be doubly excited about this scene.

“In Frozen 1 and 2, there’s not chase sequences with Olaf. You do see him, during the song, run, but there’s not like a good chase sequence. So that excited me and, you know, in terms of the process on that, Dan and I kind of got together with a sharpie and drew some basic ideas.

And we wrote, ‘Olaf needs to start running here with the sausage nose and then eventually lead the wolves to Anna and Kristoff and then get down to where the wagon comes crashing down.’” 

They then gave these directions to Seth Boyden who got very enthusiastic over the idea and essentially pitched them the series. It’s apparently full of gags, all outrageously funny, and Correy and Abraham had a difficult selecting the ones to keep in and the ones to cut out because of this fact.

It’s strange to think that Olaf has never before been part of a chase sequence given all the crazy things that always happen to him. One can only imagine how well Josh Gad’s stellar voice-acting will bring this scene to life. 

Once upon a Snowman is to begin streaming on 23 October on Disney+ so we don’t have a long wait!


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