Do history and fairytales go hand in hand? What do you think?


Who does not like movies with a touch of history in them? 

Though the narrative says stories about the stuff of which fairy tales are made, The crown season 4 that is soon going to make its Netflix debut on the fifteenth day of the next month, dropped a teaser for the upcoming season which is sure to keep the fans engaged with its touch of history.

Already by the end of the third season, the entire cast was seen to be growing up with age and now with the close of the 1970s, season four will take a different turn.  The series originally tells us a story of the empress, Queen Elizabeth II, and her reign along with associated social tensions that began after the Second World war broke apart. 

The fourth season will be witnessing the queen engaging herself into finding a bride for her son Prince Charles portrayed by Josh O’Connor who still remains a bachelor even at the age of thirty.  On the other hand, the nation already starts suffering from the impact of the divisive policies introduced by the first female British nominal head, Margaret Thatcher, and the worsening relations between the queen and her along with the growing social outrage.

The fairy tale stuff here is the romance that follows between the prince of the Royal family and a young lady Diana Spencer, played by Emma Corrin. This storyline helps in keeping the people united.

Thus, crown season 4 seems to be worth a watch.

A touch of history with blooming romance and the intense social issues and growing tensions between the rulers of the nation is all that will help the fans get through the series.

Therefore, we just keep waiting patiently a bit more for this ten-episode series.

We wish the team a soulful journey!


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