Doctor starring Sivakarthikeyan will have a digital release

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Doctor  will avoid Sivakarthikeyan theatres in favour of Disney’s direct release. Nelson Dilipkumar, who rose to prominence with Nayanthara’s Kolamavu Kokila, directed Hotstar Ph.D. With this film, he collaborates with Sivakarthikeyan for the first time.

SivakarthikeyanSivakarthikeyan is said to have selected direct OTT distribution for a long-awaited Tamil thriller. According to reports, Doctor will bypass theatres in favour of a Direct Disney Hotstar release. Since last year, Doctor has been planning a theatrical release. Despite this, the release was delayed for months due to the coronavirus pandemic. OTT, Disney Hotstar has acquired doctor’s rights, which will be dubbed and released in three additional languages. Nelson Dilipkumar led during his time with Nayanthara’s Kolamavu Kokila.

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Priyanka Mohan’s debut

 For the first time, he is collaborating with Sivakarthikeyan. The film marks Priyanka Mohan’s debut in Tamil and is expected to be an action comedy. “This is an action comedy, with half of it taking place in Chennai and half in Goa.” We called it Doctor because the film contains elements related to doctors. Siva will have a new look and has lost some weight, according to Nelson, who was quoted in a Times of India report. Nelson has revealed that he and Siva have a long history. They’ve been friends for nearly 14 years. “Siva and I have a long history; we’ve known each other for almost 14 years.” We desired to always collaborate. This script began as a small idea that quickly grew into a full-fledged script. He liked the storey, so it all came tumbling down. “I’m excited to work with my friends Siva and Anirudh again,” Nelson added.

Anirudh Ravichander composed the music for the doctor, which was co-produced by KJR Studios and Sivakarthikeyan Productions.

Taapsee Pannu

“They were hesitant to reveal the true reasons,” Taapsee Pannu says of the film’s producers, who apologised for dropping her.:Taapsee Pannu spoke about how the producers later apologised to her for being fired from a film without cause. She stated that they “unquestionably reveal the true reasons” for her substitution. Taapsee Pannu revealed that she was dropped from a film at the last minute and later apologised to the producer after her dates were blocked. Although it did not reveal the title of the film, it has been reported that the producers were abruptly replaced.

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