Doctor Who’ Holiday Special: See the Doctor Incarcerated


Doctor Who fans now have a chance to see the first look of the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2020. Recently, BBC released some pictures of the series, and the fans have given a positive response.

The last few months were quite bad, and during those days, fans helped former showrunners, actors as well and writers to create content online. Currently, Doctor Who, “Time Lord Victorious,” has proven to be a huge success.

Coming back to the series, Doctor Who season 13 got delayed in production due to lockdown. But some reports reveal that the series has started its production once again. And luckily, the Doctor Who Holiday Special 2020 got finished before the pandemic started. According to the sources, the Special is set to release during Christmas/New Year period. 

So along with Santa Claus, the Doctor Who Holiday Special 2020 is coming to town! It will surely pick the story from where it ended in the 12th season. BBC has recently released two tantalizing first-look pictures from the upcoming Special.

The images show Doctor and her friends and also reveals that the companions teaming up with Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor in prison. You can check out the images in the video below.

In the series, fans know that Doctor has a great history when it comes to escaping from prisons. However, in the first picture, we can see that she will get imprisoned for some more time in the Judoon cells.

In the past, Judoon has worked under Time Lords, so they might have figured out how to keep Doctor confined. Moreover, she could be jailed for her crimes against Gallifrey.

In the tie-in novels, fans might have read that possible read the idea of what it would be like for the Doctor to be contained in one location for a long time because of her mind rebels at stagnation.

So in the upcoming episodes of the TV series, it would be interesting to watch that idea from the novel come to life. Apart from that, her companions on Earth will be all by themselves and have to deal with Dalek. Nobody knows any whereabouts of her. They might think that she is still wandering in the cosmos alone.

Final Words

The Doctor’s three companions will live a normal life on Earth, but it looks like Yaz will struggle to adjust to the new world. Viewers will also get to see Yaz’s past health issues, but we aren’t sure whether it would be revealed in Doctor Who season 13 or the Holiday Special. We can also expect Tosin Cole and Bradley Walsh to withdraw in the Holiday Special.

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