Actress Mandip Gill informs Doctor Who Season 13 will investigate the history and the mental state of Yaz. The long-lasting British Science Fiction TV show follows the time-hopping events of the eponymous aliens Time Lord dubbed “The Doctor.” 

The Doctors have been followed since their first series in the 1960s by a whole host of friends. The host of friends are on the way to defend the world from several evil creatures, including the Daleks.

The story of Doctor Who

Doctor Who owes part of his longevity to his everlasting Doctor and to the special laws of the cosmos that control his eternal existence. The doctor regenerates into a slightly different personality in a new biochemical shape following a fatal event. 

This means that the lead actor can be replaced every few series for production purposes. Jodie Whittaker introduced the first female doctor to be televised during Season 11 in 2018. 

Season 13 began filming only recently, with the assurances that Whittaker Doctor adventures would commence with the following Graham O’Brien (Bradley Walsh), Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole), and Yasmin “Yaz” Khan (Mandip Gill).

Talking at a panel in the New York Comic Con, Gill showed that his character would discuss mental health in the last season. Asked if she is relying on personal experiences, Gill said it wasn’t her way as an actor that she did. 

However, she and the artistic personnel were in touch with Mind, a caring agency for mental wellbeing, and she asked how people with mental health problems would behave in different suggested circumstances.

Mental wellbeing slowly becomes more conscious that it deserves representation internationally and it is more than welcome to show the effect on characteristics and their choices. This is not the first time that a set of significant and important questions has been investigated. 

The Doctor took the beloved tormented Vicent Van Gogh into the future in his favorite episode “Vincent and the Doctor” of season 5, where he was gradually appreciating his work.


In the panel, the future of the series unveiled some more important news. Big steps, perhaps the most famous British property apart from Harry Potter, lie on the horizon for the franchise. The “Time Lord Winning” transmedia event would include all items from audio books to comics, except the show itself.

There is Doctor Who becomes increasingly representative everywhere – excellent news for the very distinct fanbase of the beloved franchise.

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