Doctor Who Season 13: Possible Reasons Of Delay


Doctor Who series has become fans favorite since 1963. Till now, it has completed 12 seasons successfully and has 861 episodes in total. After season 12 concluded on March 1, 2019, fans are wondering if the show will return with a new season or not. We have added all the important details about what we know so far season below.

Creator Chris Chibnall officially confirmed about Doctor Who Season 13

Fans were delighted after realizing that season 13 is happening. Even show creator Chris Chibnall officially announced that the show is returning with a new season. This is really awesome news for fans. Some fans are now thinking the same about the cast of the show.

Is Doctor Who Season 13 really happening?

As we all know, most of the main doctors have been a part of the series for three seasons. So we believe that Jodie Whittaker is likely to return in the 13th season. In an exclusive interview, she also confirmed that she would return in the next season. However, we don’t know whether the trio who followed Jodie are returning or not. Even the cast members aren’t sure about it either. 

Apart from that Mandeep Gill, who plays the role of Tas was questioned about a possible return in the new season. She wasn’t sure about the character’s future in the show after the 12th season. She said that she loves her, and would love to return to her role. Well, unfortunately, we are uncertain about the return of the trio in the upcoming season.

Doctor Who Season 13: Possible Reasons Of Delay

One extra special festive extension is on its way

Showrunners haven’t disclosed any other details about the season 13 yet. Besides, fans are anticipatedly waiting for the forthcoming festive special episode, where Doctor will be confronted by The Daleks. The creator has affirmed the fans that they will see more joy, tears, laughter, and thrill in the next season. However, this festive extension won’t be coming out before the holidays. So sadly, we can presume that the thirteenth season is not releasing this year. There are chances for the showrunners to drop down the new season by 2021.

Has the coronavirus outbreak badly affected the Doctor Who series?

Doctor Who fans are worried about their favorite show affected by the global pandemic. They are tired of searching for any new updates on season 13. Their concerns grew more when recently; a BBC Wales boss stated at Q&A, that the series cannot be produced to the current standard in this current situation. We know that it is a difficult time for the Entertainment industry right now. Every show and film is postponed or filmed in isolation due to the pandemic.

But it seems like Doctor Who fans don’t have to worry about the show. The forthcoming festive special Revolution of the Daleks is scheduled to premiere by the end of 2020 or in January 2021. This time, the festive special was shot in winter 2019. So it means the shooting part is done, and the production team is still working on post-production, including VFX, sound mixing, and editing.

However, we aren’t sure whether the post-production could be completed at home. Furthermore, there are some rumors that season 13 shooting could go ahead as it was planned, despite the pandemic. But the main question is that how much pre-production has to be done, while maintaining social distance. It mostly includes writing scripts, designing sets and props, mapping out storylines, and costumes.

The show is based on globe-trotting adventures, which means the cast will have to travel abroad for shooting. But the cast and crew might face difficulty in traveling even if the lockdown in other countries is lifted. The production team may also face other problems related to crew availability and resources. Lastly, there is still a ray of light for the fans because the show production team is ahead of all other shows. And it will surely return soon. We will update you if we find any news regarding the production of Doctor Who season 13.


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