Doctor Who Season 13: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Read Here All Updates


Grab hold of whatever you can as it’s time for take-off in the TARDIS!

As one of the longest-running shows since its inception in 1963, Doctor Who remains to be one of the most loved series by people. More than 50 years of runtime stands testimonial to the fact that the fantasy series will continue to entertain fans for a long time to come.

As the show enters the era for its thirteenth season, Whovians are already frantic over the plausible themes and political commentary the series will tackle. Before you further titillate those brain cells, here is everything you should know about Doctor Who Season 13.


Doctor Who continues to take dramatic twists and turns and in accordance with great storytelling comes a higher production budget. Showrunner Chris Chinball does not shy from the fact that he intends to make the series a grandeur experience and with the curve of the pandemic, not straight-lining any time soon, Whovians would have to wait for a bit longer.

Rhodri Talfan director of BBC Wales relayed the news for season 13 being put on hold as the higher production value would require employing hundreds of people. Since the current socially distanced environment would not aid in the efficient shooting of the upcoming series, it is only best for the creators and the network to delay the release. Fans can expect the thirteenth season to release by late 2021 on BBC.


Jodi Whittaker is the first woman to play the titular role of the Doctor. She undertook her role as the Thirteenth Doctor in 2017 from predecessor Peter Capaldi after the Christmas Special. The Venus actress will continue her stint as the Doctor in season 13.

Joining Whittaker, the TARDIS team will include Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and Mandip Gill who will portray Graham O’Brien, Tosin Cole and Yasmin Khan respectively.

Playing The Master in Season 12 was Sacha Dhawan who will reprise his role as the Doctor’s archenemy and the renegade alien Time Lord disguised as O for the upcoming season.


In the Season 12 finale, Chinball threw a huge curveball by retconning that the Doctor is rather an ancient being who precedes the universe itself. Thus, the Timeless Child serves as patient zero or rather, the base gene for the entire Time Lord race. No pressure, Doctor.

One will only have to join this “ancient being” in her travels through time in the TARDIS to solve this puzzle.






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