Does Black Widow’s movie ending has a plot hole? Answers the director


Black Widow’s Cate Shortland said the Marvel film had purposely abandoned the scene explaining how Natasha Romanoff spoke to Super Heroes’ General Thaddeus Ross on the way out of an incident.

Set between Civil War and Infinity Wars events, the first solo chapter of the titular character finds her reconcile with her long-lasting “family” in the Red Room, where the host and so many girls had been brainwashed.

After success in her mission, Natasha advises her to flee with free Black Widows when Black government SUVs round the riot amid the rubble of the last conflict.

The film then cuts to dark before we see Natasha return two weeks later as she picks a Quinjet from her smuggler, pal Rick, Ant-Man and co – jailed for breaking the Sokovia Accords – and urges him to use it to aid the Captain Americans bust Hawkeye, Ant-Man and Co.

Although fans have expressed their deception in the film that Natasha does not escape Ross’s grasp, the filmmaker insists that they do not do so because they want viewers to guess.

“We wanted to leave the issue how they’d get away instead of letting the public become tired of another conflict,” Shortland said.

“We wanted to put the question on your guys, how did they use their ingenuity? Because she did. Because she did. And it’s probably, I’d say, that she’s negotiated her way out. But I do not know that. But I do not know.”

Because Natasha doesn’t have any superhuman ability to battle a whole army team in the same stroke, it is improbable that she will manage to negotiate her way out of a difficult situation.

Maybe by delivering the antidote to mind management, she escaped arrest? Although the usefulness of the US Army is unknown. Perhaps she was arrested, and Cap broke out later, which is why the hair change undercover? Anyone can guess!

Black widow is available in the US and UK cinemas, and people with premium access to Disney+ can watch it. 


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