Does the latest episode of the Pretty Cure franchise hold up to our expectations?


Pretty Cure, often called PreCure by the fans,  is easily one of the most famous and longest running Anime franchises. The series first debuted in 2004 and it is still going strong with over 800 episodes already which does not include the additional spin-off movies.

The plot of the series is simple, a group of Kawaii girls who work together and destroy the evil forces of the world. The series was created by Izumi Todo with Toei Animations. 

The series already has its sixteen seasons aired and the seventeenth and the newest season Healin’ Good Pretty Cure is being airing since March in Japan on Asahi TV and since June on Crunchyroll all over the world.

The latest episode of the PreCure to be aired is the 27th one- Hot Air Balloon! Asumi and Rate’s Passion. 

In this episode we see Asumi go help a hot air balloon team, and the ending is the best. We saw Daruizen shove a megapart onto Grace!

Fans have been apprehensive of how the anime may turn out, given the difficulties caused due to the whole pandemic. Sadly, this has happened before too, with Chouriki Sentai Ohranger (1995) and Suite PreCure (2011). But this anime so far has been quite successful, thanks to Yuu Yoshiyama.

PreCure is known for its sleek and smooth fight scenes. It’s a wonder how they turn gore to kawaii. And this season has been full of these, thanks to Yoshiyama, one of the top animators for the series.

The scenes were filled with old school impact scenes (scenes where there is just blinding light once the weapons are wielded) and PreCure references such as Greymon’s silhouette and Cure Selene’s arrow.

Yoshiyama also said in an interview that impact scenes, according to her, are like “Jack-in-the-box of animation techniques”.

So, in conclusion, PreCure has still not lost its charm!

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