Don’t Hold Back! -Petty Rockstar And Their Petty Feuds

Don't Hold Back! -Petty Rockstar A nd Their Petty Feuds
Don't Hold Back! -Petty Rockstar A nd Their Petty Feuds

Roger Daltrey, the vocalist of The Who, must have had a grudge against The Rolling Stones for more than 50 years. Daltrey has taken a shot at the Stones decades after the era that made both bands renowned throughout the world.

Petty rockstar and petty feuds

“You can’t deny that Mick Jagger is still the No. 1 rock ‘n’ roll frontman,” he stated in an interview. But, as a band, you’d think, ‘Well, that’s a poor bar band!’ unless you were standing outside a pub and heard that music comes out of a pub one night.

No insult intended from Sir, who, in recent weeks, called the Stones a “blues cover band” and said that The Beatles’ net was “wider than theirs.”

New back and forth feuding of Grand Theft Auto and True Crime

The Grand Theft Auto franchise was skewering everyone and everything it could on the Playstation 2 during the height of its popularity.

Nothing in mainstream culture was immune from GTA’s filthy style of satire, and being lampooned in some manner by Rockstar’s juggernaut was virtually a badge of honor.

True Crime titles from Activision, famed GTA clones with none of the joy, took their hand at Petty Rockstar style of parody. In the first game, True Crime: Streets of LA, billboards advertise Jock Straps, which feature a man’s barely covered crotch and a logo that looks very similar to Rockstars.

In exchange, Petty Rockstar put up billboards for “True Grime Street Cleaners” with the slogan “Get rid of old garbage, swiftly!” in GTA: San Andreas.

True Crime immediately replied, with protagonist Marcus Reed complaining during a side mission that he’ll be “flying remote control toys and sh*t!” in an apparent reference to San Andreas’ notoriously exposed Zero missions.

While Grand Theft Auto became one of gaming’s best-selling franchises, True Crime was canceled, leaving a legacy of only two decent 4/10 titles.

Any additional attacks from Rockstar would have seemed more like dancing on the grave of a dead opponent, and so the feud was done.

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