Don’t Rock the Boat viewers upset by ITV show’s spoiler

Don't Rock the Boat viewers upset by ITV show's spoiler
Don't Rock the Boat viewers upset by ITV show's spoiler

Don’t Rock the Boat is a British game show aired on ITV. It is a show of good quality and has not disappointed its fans much. But the latest episodes left fans sighing with disbelief. 

The winner of the show was hinted at in the montage featured before the start of the show itself!

It was announced on the show that the two teams (red and blue) would compete against each other and the winner of the game could have the Olympic gold medalist James Cracknell on their side.

Though, the winner of the challenge was not announced until 40 minutes, but, then the above-mentioned montage showed the olympian sporting a blue jacket revealing that the blue team won at the end! 

Fans took their disappointment to social media and vented their thoughts. One fan wrote, “Someone tells Freddie Flintoff they revealed the winning team in the opening montage with James Cracknell in blue… poor editing, expect better from”

Presented by Top Gear’s Freddie Flintoff and AJ Odudu, Don’t Rock the Boat’s celebrity contestants include Fleur East, Red Dwarf star Craig Charles, The Chase‘s Shaun Wallace, Pussycat Dolls singer Kimberly Wyatt, model, and presenter Jodie Kidd, plus YouTuber Joe Weller.

You can watch the trailer of this show here- 

The show airs on ITV every day by 9 pm. Do watch and let us know your views!

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