Doom Patrol Season 3: Possibilities on Release Date & Everything


Doom Patrol is the 2019 DC superhero TV series that is aired on HBO Max. It follows the story of a bunch of underdog superheroes who end up getting the superpowers after they are met with some accident. The show was well received and has a score of 7.6/10 on IMDb. So far two seasons of the show have been released.

You can watch the trailer of the show here-

Will there be a third season?

Though the show’s second season is not over as last episode has been delayed due to the complications caused due to the global pandemic, it has been announced that we will be getting a third season! You can see the official post stating this here-

What will be the plot of the next season?

The second season was even more complex than the first. We saw some well written characters such as the Candlemaker and the SeX Men in full action. Niles Caulder was seen dying while his daughter Dorothy took on Candlemaker single-handedly to save her friends and her father. 

Alan Tudyk played the villain Mr. Nobody in the first season 2. His name was also repeatedly hinted throughout the second season. So we can expect him to make a full appearance in the third season.

We can expect the next season to pick up from here.

Who will be the cast of the next season?

As usual, Diane Guerrero (as Jane), April Bowlby (as Rita Farr), Brendan Fraser (as Cliff Steele), Matt Bomer (as Larry Trainor), Joivan Wade (as Cyborg) and Timothy Dalton (as Niles Caulder) will be casted. There has not been any announcements regarding the new additions.

The release date of the third season has not been announced yet. We may expect to see it by the end of next year.

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