Dora And the Lost City Of Gold: Spoiler Free Review


We all enjoy watching the animated show named Dora the Explorer who takes to different and amazing adventures. The franchise of Dora has been enjoying a huge worldwide fanbase. 

Thus, the production company had successfully released a movie named Dora And the Lost City Of Gold which has fortunately received favorable reviews from the critics and audiences.

The movie is whopping 85% fresh on rotten tomatoes and rating 6/10 on IMBd. 

All the fans especially young adults and children appreciated the movie for the performance of Moner and many of the movie’s humor.

However, the critic rating, 3.5/5 , is still highlighting the scope of improvement.

The storyline of the Dora and The Lost City of Gold certainly gaining attention of the audience and reflecting in routine watch list of the audience. But, the research states that viewers had to wait a bit to get to the point of enjoying the puzzles of the stories.

Dora And the Lost City Of Gold: Spoiler Free Review

Hence, assumptions are that rating could have gone higher if there was a little more focus on target audience as there has been slight disbalance observed.

The plot brings up the fantasy in the real world which indeed is a family friendly watch.

Dora and others are now inside the city solving temple’s puzzles and traps where Alejandro secretly follows them. Parapata soldiers defeat the mercanaries and meet the teens. 

Dora talks with the Queen of the Gold city that they have come her only to rescue their parents. The group with the Dora’s parents leave the city by looking the gold city properly.

 Dora and the groups return to Los Angeles where we can see the Dora and Randy and Diego and Sammy as a couple respectively.


The start cast is undoubtedly plays the major role  in engaging audience. Having said that, the main characters are Isabela Moner as Dora, Eugenio Derbez as Alejandro, Michael Pena as Cole (Dora’s father), Jeff Wahlberg as Diego, Nicholas Coombe as Randy Warren, Madeleine Madden as Sammy, Boots, Swiper, Map, Backpack and other supporting actors has brought up the overall tonality of the show friendlier and funnier to watch.

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