Dougray Scott, ‘Batwoman’ Original Cast Member, leaves after two seasons

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After two seasons, Dougray Scott left the CW Batwoman. He finally appeared as a regular series on the show, two weeks before the final season today, in Episode 16.

Caroline Dries, developer/manager of Batwoman, revealed that Scott is leaving EW. “The storey was just about getting the Crows to work because we took such a tough stand against the violence of the cops this season and used the Crows,” she reported. “Once we made that decision — and Kate does not remain on the show — this Jacob character was somewhat trained through that line of the story, for good or evil.”

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Scott played Jacob, Kate Kane’s dad, Mary (Nicole Kang) and Alice (Rachel Skarsten). Jacob dissolved the crows in his final episode. He was arrested for supporting Alice (who was imprisoned) and sent to Metropolis for trial.

“There was tremendously amazing for all of us to have Dougray Scott like Jacob Kane on Batwoman,” Dries explained in a statement. “An actor with a reputation and lineage enhances every project and with his castmates had terrific chemistry. We loved to convey Commander Kane’s tale for the last two seasons and always left open the possibility to get him back. We want the best to wish him!”

It was stated that this time for good, Kate, who was re-reported as a recurrent character by Day after Rose’s unexpected departure from Season 1. To find her cousin Bruce Wayne, Kate departed Gotham.

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