Download Role Models Malayalam Full Movie For Free (2021)

Download Role Models Malayalam Full Movie For Free (2021)
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Rafi wrote and directed Role Models, a 2017 Indian Malayalam-language romantic comedy-drama film. Fahadh Faasil, Vinayakan, Sharaf U Dheen, Vinay Forrt, and Namitha Pramod appear in the film. Role Models was shot in Goa and Dubai, among other places. The film was released in Kerala on June 25, 2017.

The film received mostly good reviews, with many critics hailing it as a fun-filled family picture. Fahadh Faasil, Vinaayakan, Sharaf U Dheen, and Vinay Forrt teamed up to create a film with a humorous first half and a gripping second half. Harishree Ashokan also appears in the film as “Ramanan,” the same persona he played in Punjabi House, who is a prominent troll figure on social media.

Download Role Models Malayalam Full Movie For Free (2021)
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Role Models – Plotline

Gautham begins the film as an asocial guy, a far cry from his undergraduate days. Gautham’s father enlists the aid of his college buddies Rexxie and Jyothish.

The two went to Gautham’s workplace after learning that he insulted a girl on a date at the public library, for which her father labelled him queer since he wasn’t interested in females. Gautham, on the other hand, treats them in a formal manner.

Then they saw his employer yelling at him, and he calmly listened to it, which they couldn’t believe because he wasn’t the Gautham they knew. They discover he is not homosexual.

Gautham’s college days are recounted, revealing him to be a highly sociable guy. He was the lead vocalist of ‘Role Models,’ a band that included Rexxie, Jyothish, and Subhan, a flirt. They were great friends, and everyone liked them, but Gautham’s parents did not approve of his son spending time with them.

Then it’s discovered that Gautham’s parents filed a complaint with the principal, which Gautham signed while he was inebriated. As a result, the three were kicked out of the school. Gautham tries to persuade them that the complaint was not made by him, that they all knew one another’s secrets, and that they should not break up.

However, Subhan questions him angrily about why he kept his love affair hidden, and the others are taken aback. They are eventually separated.

Gautham is told by Rexxie and Jyothish that Subhan has cancer and that he wants to meet him, which is a hoax. Gautham joins them at Subhan’s house. Subhan is still a bachelor despite his success as a football player. Rexxie inquires about Gautham’s love affair, to which Subhan responds that it was with Christy, a tomboy whom they all know. Then it’s revealed that Christy had sent a love letter to Gautham, which the principal had intercepted.

Christy, who is getting married in a month, is brought back by the three of them. Gautham, on the other hand, is displeased to see her and admits that he was the one who delivered the letter to the principal. When she hears Gautham’s response, she attempts to outwit him. He then confesses that he used to prefer Shreya to Christy. The narrative revolves around Shreya’s reunion with Gautham and the resolution of difficulties between Shreya and Gautham’s parents.

Role Models – Cast Members

  •         Fahadh Faasil plays as Gautham
  •         Namitha Pramod plays as Shreya
  •         Vinayakan plays as Jyothish Narayanan
  •         Vinay Forrt plays as Subahan Abdul Khader
  •         Sharaf U Dheen plays as Rexxie/Pappachan George
  •         Srinda Arhaan plays as Christy
  •         Aju Varghese plays as Kiran (voice only) cameo
  •         Renji Panicker plays as Gautham’s Father
  •         Siddique plays as Shreya’s Father
  •         Seetha plays as Gautham’s Mother
  •         Suraj Venjarammoodu plays as News reporter
  •         Dileesh Pothan plays as Gautham’s boss
  •         Rafi plays as Shreya’s uncle
  •         Harishree Ashokan plays as Ramanan (character from Punjabi House)
  •         Aswathi Menon plays as Lucy
  •         Anjali Nair plays as Natasha, social activist
  •         Ambika Mohan
  •         Balachandran Chullikkadu plays as Prof. Dr. Abraham Mathew
  •         Chembil Ashokan plays as Joseph
  •         Sadiq plays as Ravi
  •         Bibin George
  •         Cochin Haneefa (photo credit)
  •         Sasankan Mayyanad
  •         Rithu Manthra

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Download Role Models Malayalam Full Movie For Free (2021)
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Download Role Models Malayalam Full Movie For Free (2021)
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