Dracula season 2 will be coming or not? check here.


Creation of Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, Dracula television series has the baseline of a novel of Bram Stoker that has the same name as the series. The series in total has three episodes that have broadcasted on BBC and Netflix. The first season released on 1 January 2020. Claes Bang, Danish actor playing the role of Dracula. 

The season 1 based on American entrepreneur who adds on modern science in Victorian society to take revenge from those who ruined his life a hundred years ago. The final confirmation of coming season 2 has not been announced yet by BBC. While having an interview with Radio Times, Mark Gitss said that might be possible that season 2 will be coming and he said,“It’s very hard to kill a vampire,” said Gatiss, when asked about the possibility of a second batch of episodes.

“Do you know what I mean?” he continued. “What they do is resurrect.”

When the same question asked to the co-creator Steven Moffat, he replied it being secretive,“That would be to give away how it ends, wouldn’t it?” he said when asked about the series’ future. “So you’ll have to wait and see.”

Moreover, in the Dracula Final episode, Dracula Compass, it seems like the drama has ended.

Dracula season 2 will be coming or not? check here.

As Dracula realized that, vampire weaknesses are habits that carried away with shame. Dracula convinced by Sister Agatha that it is now being a long journey after his death and now it is the time to end the count of it. In the end, Agatha drinks the cancerous blood of is progeny Zoe and Dracula willingly takes poison and kills Agatha and Zoe.

After the tragic ending of the third episode, it will be very surprising to see that what will be the story in season 2. Season 1 is loved by the audiences and  are eagerly waiting to know more about the upcoming storyline.

However, the wait is not yet over. 

If the BBC would declare that there will be season 2 of it, then also it will not be coming so early. As all of us know the current pandemic situation, therefore, it might be possible only in the mid of 2021.

But, don’t worry, we have lot for you. Let find out the characters of the season 2.

The cast of Dracula season 2 then for sure Claes Blang will be there. John Heffernan played the part of Dracula Victim and the Dolly wells who played the part of Sister Agatha and the rest of the cast are possibly be the part of the season to entertain you.

Until then keep yourself refresh with season 1 streaming on Netflix and I will keep an eye on all the latest news of season 2 and stay tuned!


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