The creator of the amazing game Dragon Age, Mike Laidlaw, has launched his very own game studio. Mike was working as a creative director of Ubisoft Quebec before he decided to open his own studio as he was not happy there. Here is all about the new studio.


The new studio has been named Yellow Bricks Games. A very talented team is joining Mike at the new studio. The CEO of the new studio will be Thomas Giroux who was with Ubisoft Quebec for 10 years. Jeff Shalski, one of the important designers of the X-COM game series, will act as the COO of the new studio.

Frédéric St-Laurent B., will be the Game Director at the new studio. Apart from these important posts, the new studio has employed 15 more talented people to work on the new games of the new studio. The motto of the new studio is to produce original games in the “triple-I space”. Jeff told Gamesindustry.biz that the new studio had some very talented people in it with years of experience in making world class games.

Mike also is of the opinion that the studio will make games that will cater to a large number of gamers. No one in the studio though has hinted on what type of game the studio is right now working at nor have they provided any release date.

It will be interesting to see what the people at Yellow Bricks Games come up with. Will it be a racing game, or a fighting game or something else? Can you guess what will it be?


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