Dragon Age: What we know about the Grey Wardens


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It is a universal fact that every coin has two sides. Negativity also subsists where positivity exists. The same fact applies to the fantasy world too. There are a bunch of warriors who put their life on the edge to bring balance in the world and protect their people from the darkness spread by some evildoer. 

Here we are going to talk about one of those fantastical video game series, Dragon Age in which the protagonist is Grey Wardens fighting with Thedas in order to bring peace to the world. Grey Wardens was the one who acted as a strong wall between Thedas and the destroying world to bring peace to the world.

The power which Grey Wardens acquires is more superior to the power acquired by monsters- the Darkspawn and the Blight. It will be nothing more than rebellion if the secret of “how Grey Warden battles the Blight” would be out. So, the secret is guarded by them with the utmost audacity.

The Grey Wardens were introduced in 395 Ancient, while the First blight and was continued for 200 years approximately. The Darkspawn were the beasts who used to do work according to their community, which was called the Deep Roads.

What is the specialty of Darkspawn? Well, it was to tarnish everything which they come into contact with no matter it is a human, plant, or animal bringing dismay and dejection in the world.

During the same time, a troupe of soldiers came from Weisshaupt Fort in order to stop the Blight. They were trying to prove themselves one among the Grey Wardens. They didn’t discriminate against anyone on the basis of caste, creed, social standing, gender, or race, and even criminal background.

The hierarchy of Grey Warden consisted of some powerful groups in highest-powered elite to lowest powered elite- Starting from the highest comes First Warden, High Constable, and the lowest ones were Warden-Ensign, Warden-Recruit with many in between.

If any video game enthusiast wants to play the game and meet Grey Warden, it is released for Xbox 360, Windows Vista, and PlayStation 3. It comes under four series- Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: ll, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Dragon Age: 4

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