Mackenzie Boyd, the newcomer to Emmerdale, is disturbing the preparations of Cain and Sam Dingle to take revenge on Jamie Tate next week.

What Is The Story Behind It?

Show bosses also cast Lawrence Robb as the estranged brother of Moira Dingle, an existing character.

Sam Lydia’s wife complains about her new row with ruthless Jamie (Alexander Lincoln) in episodes from next week. Sam promises that Jamie is going to get what’s heading to him – and it does not take so much time for him to team up with Cain for the new family battle.

Soon thereafter, Jamie drowns at Home Farm his sorrows by hearing some odd noises coming from somewhere in the property. When Jamie searches for the noise source, he doesn’t see Mackenzie hiding in the darkness with a crowbar in his hand.

Jamie gets back to his beer, but his day turns drastically when Sam and Cain show up abruptly-pretending to want a “chat”. Sam and Cain’s visit is threatening, but they do not realize that Mackenzie is already hiding and watching it all. Cain announces his obscure visit scheme, but Mackenzie is curious and is soon to come out of the shadows and make his presence known.

Could Jamie find a new villager, eager to join him?

Fans of Emmerdale will see Mackenzie appear for the first time in the double bill kidnapping Cain in the episode of 29th October. The ITV soap has reported that anytime a traffic crash leads to them, Mackenzie will kiss Charity Dingle.

Everyone is waiting to see what happens next and if you miss watching it then don’t worry just follow the space and know every detail about it.


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