Dumbo – Storyline and Future of the Film: Know it all


Dumbo is an American fantasy period live- action adaption movie which was released in the year 2019. Dumbo includes all the adventure which highlights all the innocence of the elephant Dumbo who is ignored by everyone. 

The movie is a recreation from Walt Disney reanimated film in 1941 which came with the same name. The movie Dumbo was directed by Tim Burton and the screenplay was done by Ehren Kruger. Dumbo was one of the movies released by Disney in 2019 which also released Alladin, the Lion King and many more. 

The movie also had a competition with Marvel studios Captain Marvel which was also released in the same month, however, had a respectable response from the audience along with accolades for the best original music in the Academy Awards. While much of the Disney movies are famous for recreating fairy tales Dumbo is however different from the other which had a new material to complete the story of the elephant.

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Dumbo – Storyline and Future of the Film: Know it all

Dumbo: Who all were Starred!

Starred in the film were Colin Farrel as Holt Farrier, Michael Keaton as V. A. Vandevere, Danny Devito as Max Medici, Eva Green as Colette Marchant, Alan Arkin as Griffin Remington, Roshan Seth as Pamesh singh , Deobia Oparei as Rongo the Strongo, Micahel Buffer as Bariton Bates  and many more. Well, the movie received an average response irrespective of the hardwork could only make $353 millon against a budget of $170.

What was Dumbo all about – The Storyline

The Dumbo is a typical Disney movie that depicts fairy tales’ story of an elephant who was born and ever since its birth he was ignored by everyone because he used to have big ears. Dumbo finally found a mouse as his companion who helped him in realizing his talent leading him to join a circus. 

While the main character, Holt Farrier who is a former circus star and who has returned from the war and is a completely different personality altogether. Max Medici who is the owner of the circus hired Holt to take care of the elephant whose everyone makes a laugh due his large ears. But soon after when his kids realize the potential of the elephant that can fly different people try to make money from his powers.

Will there be any sequel of Dumbo?

Well, talking about the sequel there has been no conclusion to the movie however we could see a sequel of the movie, but no confirmation has not been made by the makers yet. We might be able to see a further part in the coming years.

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