There is a new film by Chris Pine in the making in which Michelle Rodriguez and Justice Smith will be the lead characters. Michelle Rodriguez has done quite a great performance in his previous movies like The Fast and The Furious series, Avatar, Resident Evil, etc. Talking about Smith, the last movie in which he was shown as Wonder Woman 84. Though the other things about the movie Dungeons and Dragons like Plot and Cast are yet to be released. 

It’s already been more than 45 years since Dungeons and Dragons are there which has been enjoyed by more than 40 million people. The game is a packet of campaigns, treasure hunts, War games, etc. Talking about the movie, the precious film of the series was released in 2000 in which Jeremy Irons, Marlon Wayans, and Zoe McLellan were lead characters. Unfortunately it was a complete flop with an earnings of 15 million dollars which were 30 million less than the budget of the film.

source: inspired traveler

Previously, the film was supposed to be directed by Rob Letterman for Warner Bros. But as some legal issues were running between them, the right of film’s ownership was moved to Paramount Pictures.

The film will be starting its shooting this year. As even the shooting of the film is yet to start, it won’t be possible to say anything about the release date as we don’t know how long will it take for shooting to complete and then post-production. Overall it’s sure that film will not release before the end of 2022. We will share each and every update with you as soon as we hear anything about the film.


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