Dwayne Johnson goes for President on ‘Young Rock’ — however, Runs It by His Wife First

Courtesy: Bleacher Report

It’s certain that Dwayne Johnson is not putting together a 2024 dash for president, however, he does move for office on his fresh NBC situational comedy series,Young Rock. Dwayne Johnson informed on all aspects of Young Rock in his conversation with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Wednesday evening, encompassing his series personality rendering a White House proposal.

Dwayne Johnson stated that you realize, it was their sequel producer, Nahnatchka Khan, who’s like one of those gorgeous female, they were striving to discover a means — foremost of all, they needed to extrapolate three aspects of his existence that were interpreting times. When he was 10 years old, residing there in Hawaii when he was 15 years old, subsequent to numerous detentions and performing a bunch of things he shouldn’t have been performing.

He further added that she stated that well, eventually the viewers are going to desire to watch you. What’s efficient means that they can instill you in the sequel?’ So they stood for some weeks, and it was her, she appeared with the suggestion. She stated that what if we put it in 2032 and you’re appearing for president?’ And he stated that he doesn’t comprehend and sense a slight political. She stated that as there might be a limited folk who might wish to watch you go for president, so reckon about it.

Dwayne Johnson did reckon about it, however, not without operating it by his spouse, Lauren Hashian, initially.

He stated that he got on to home, he chatted to Lauren Hashian as you and him do, they go for their home, they speak to their spouses.

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Fallon stated- that’s it! in agreeable sound.

Dwayne Johnson disclosed that Lauren stated that she believes that he should go for it.

With his spouse’s mark of authorization, the Young Rock slammed the crusade path.

Browse through the situational-comedy series established on Dwayne Johnson’s existence while Young Rock comes out on 16th February at 8 PM Eastern Time/Pacific Time on NBC.


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