Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Young Rock’ Cast for Upcoming NBC Comedy

Dwayne Johnson's 'Young Rock' Cast for Upcoming NBC Comedy
Dwayne Johnson's 'Young Rock' Cast for Upcoming NBC Comedy

How many of us are a big fan of Dwayne `The Rock’ Johnson?

I think almost seventy percent of the young showbiz world.

Of course, how can we not be a fan and a follower of such a great personality? 

His life, if we look into it deeply has taught us a number of things. The WWE wrestler turned actor has taught us perseverance, hard work, determination to achieve something bigger each day, helpfulness, being there for people around us and most importantly leading a good and happy life finding joy and happiness in whatever a person does, putting the whole heart and soul into it.

Just think, how a pleasant surprise will it be if we get to have a biopic of this wonderful human being. I know all of you would agree to this.

And Guess What!

Our surprise turns true.

The actor publicized it on one of his Instagram posts that he has set the cast for his upcoming NBC comedy which will be a project inspired by his own life. The name of the movie is `Young Rock’.

It is a joint venture of Johnson himself along with Fresh off the Boat producer and creator Nahnatchka Khan. Source has revealed that production will soon begin in Australia keeping in mind the COVID norms.

Young Rock will mainly be based on Johnson’s formative years. Actor Bradley constant will portray the Kid Johnson up to fifteen years of age, Uli Latukefu the Marco Polo star will play his role as a young adult. Will actor Adrian Groulx play Johnson at ten? Joseph Lee Anderson gets the privilege of playing Johnson’s father.

Thus, we can conclude that this will be one of the best productions of the release year and it will be an amazing treat for all of us, who had been waiting to see Dwayne `The Rock’ Johnson back on our television screens, and we absolutely cannot hold our excitement any longer.

We send best wishes to the team and keeping our hope high for quick release.


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