EastEnders actress teases Suki’s big plan for Ash and Peter

Courtesy: The US Sun

According to Balvinder Sopal, her EastEnders character’s sole motive is to estrange her daughter Ash’s relationship with Peter Beale.

Previously, Suki and Peter met up for a one-night stand without her daughter’s knowledge leading to a certain rumbling of tension in each of their characters.

According to Balvinder, Suki can’t accept her daughter meeting with somebody as dhe thinks this might distract her from her career.

Courtesy: Entertainment Daily

She also thinks that Suki isn’t regretful of the ine night stand, rather will use it to impact her daughter’s life if necessary. Maybe she has an innate tendency to destroy.

Adding to the top of everything, is that she is not sorry for what she did or intends to do.


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