EastEnders’ Character Habiba Ahmed Issues A Huge Ultimatum To Jags Panesar ’ Sister after His Exit


Last week, EastEnders character Jags Pasenar got arrested after being framed in scenes by other characters. And according to the sources, Habiba Ahmed (girlfriend of Jags) is going to issue a big ultimatum to sister Iqra Ahmed after Jags’ departure. Keep reading to find out more about what happens next in the EastEnders series.

Jags’ mother Suki doesn’t care what others think about her!

As we saw in the last week’s episode of EastEnders, Jags was framed by his mother Suki for assaulting Martin after breaking in at the club. Later on, Jags got arrested for his crimes. Apart from that, Brother Vinny was the one who was responsible.

The upcoming scenes, which will release next week, revealed that Habiba, who is outraged and upset that her sister’s girlfriend Ash, who is Jags’ sister, won’t show support to his brother in the court. But one thing Habiba doesn’t know is that Ash is feeling guilty too.

Habiba is completely devastated. She wants Ash out of the home after she realizes that the Panesars family has turned their backs on Jags. But she hasn’t told Jags’ sister to leave the house, so she decides to give an ultimatum to Iqra to either choose her or her girlfriend Ash.

EastEnders actress Balvinder Sopal who plays the role of Suki, Jags’ mother, revealed a few things about the series. Recently, she talked about the Panesar family’s reaction to her character’s action against Jags. The actress said that Kheerat is thinking while Vinny is somewhat alleviated but not entirely happy.

However, the character of Vinny is off the hooks, so nobody knows much about him. Sopal continued that Ash will be horrified, and she thinks that everybody at the house will be too. Sopal continued that the biggest enemy of Suki (Ash and Jags mother) is Ash. And Sopal feels that it will be fascinating to explore their relationship more in the series.

On the other hand, Ash is disgusted with Suki, and Suki doesn’t care what her daughter thinks. Suki believes that she has taken care of something that she had to do. Sopal added that Suki knows that even if the family is so disgusted, they will still come home to eat their food and rest on the sofa.

Final Words

The character doesn’t care at all who is upset with her, or who gets into an argument with her. Nothing matters to Suki, and it seems like she cares about only satisfying her desires and needs. Let’s see what happens in the next episode. Do not miss to watch these scenes on BBC One at 7.35 pm, on Tuesday, October 20 and Thursday, October 22.

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