EastEnders Confirms when Patrick Trueman will return after health scare


Guys, were you all missing Patrick Trueman at the square?

If yes, then let me tell you that he will be returning to the show very soon. 

Pretty outbreak of covid-19 and following the government guidelines network put forward to be followed by the older cast members on the various shooting set legendary characters played by older cast member Rudolph Walker could not ne shown.

Therefore, a story had to be developed where it was explained by Denise Fox that he had been seriously ill with Covid and had to be admitted to the hospital where he was then. 

But now with some is in the government guidelines the soap has revealed the upcoming story line where Patrick will be returning. The new scenes will be showing Kim who is facing a competition for a job at Prince Albert where she discovers that Mila is also on the same trial shift. Patrick returns from Trinidad fully fit and fine he wastes no time goes straight to the Vic and catches up on every little information with Kim.

Guys, I know you all cannot wait to see Patrick, so gear up with you BBC one subscriptions!


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