EastEnders’ James Bye hints at Martin’s reaction to Ruby deceit

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We can get hints form James Bye’s given instincts that there can be some grudges between Martin fowler and Ruby Allen in the series of EastEnders.

In the upcoming episodes, we can see Stacey slater becoming confused when she hears about the loss of her baby, she got miscarried in stairs that led to the loss of the baby.

We can already predict how Martin will react upon hearing this news but James Bye hinted that things won’t end well for the couple and can create a lot of problems between them.

He also suggested that, in the initial stage, he never wanted to leave Ruby alone as that would become his 3rd divorce, but when he finds out about what she has done, she will get treated very badly by him I will most likely be the end for their journey.

From the point of view of Martin:

We ourselves don’t know if James know about Stacey pushing Ruby down the stairs but he confirms that he might have some uncertainties about Stacey and the situation.

He also suggested that the character know Stacey very much from outside and from inside too, he also gets to know that Stacey can be a volatile character as well and the accident can even be a heat of the moment.

Martin definitely believes that the miscarriage is Ruby fault but we aren’t confirmed yet. His trust in Ruby might get broken after hearing this but we will have to just wait and see what happens next.

What is EastEnders all about?

Courtesy: Digital Spy

Placed in the east end coast of London, the show is pointed on the stresses between love, family and great heart touching stories that never fails to amuse you. The story can be on any social or human issue or love life or any personal traumas that someone is dealing with.

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This British drama has been running since 1985 and normally focuses on the lives of people of Albert Square in London.

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