EastEnders: Mila’s sister faces danger in FGM storyline

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Mila Marwa races against the clock to find her sister, Kioni, while EastEnders continues its FGM storyline.

Female genital mutilation is the non-medical removal of female external genitalia or other injuries to female genitals (FGM). The fact that this is the first time such a topic has been addressed by a soap will undoubtedly break the hearts of the viewers. Mila Marwa was told by Kathy Beale in the most recent episode of BBC soap Mila Marwa that she had the illegal procedure, and her younger sister is terrified of having to do the same.

Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) was disappointed earlier this week when she learned that Mila’s younger sister Kioni was trying to get rid of their family in order to protect her from FGM. While Kioni told Mila that her mother had planned a secret vacation, Mila recognised the darker implications because she had been told the same lie years before.

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On Thursday (May 27), Kathy was the first to let Kioni stay with Beales, and then she walked away from an unexpected Bobby (Clay Milner Russell) in order to always look at Kioni.

Kathy suggested they call the cops, but Mila imprisoned her entire adult family, as well as many others. “I’ll come up with something,” Mila promised. “I swear to you, I’ll find a way. Kathy, please.”

While Kathy and Mila were out on a date, Dana’s newfound interest in love was expressed to Bobby. Bobby agreed to the date after Kioni persuaded him that she would be fine alone.

Bobby explained that he received a call from Kioni stating that by the time Kathy and Mila arrived home, her mother had picked her up. “Isn’t this a problem?” Bobby inquired.

Kioni had no idea what his mother was going to do, which horrified Mila.

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