EastEnders’ Phil has second thoughts over Sharon reunion

Courtesy: Daily Express

Are you a fan of Phil Mitchell? If yes then there is an interesting thing spicing up Phil’s life this Valentine! Yes, you read it right. Phil Mitchell is now giving it a second thought to have a reunion with his ex-wife Sharon Beale. This Valentine has become more interesting for Phil’s fans because he has asked Sharon out for a date! This has been done by him amid Linda Carter’s blackmail attempts. Phil has also invited Sharon to dine with him and Ben in the coming week. This indicates that Ben must be prepared to by now to see Sharon at the dinner table at Walford East in the coming week. 

Amid these developments, Kathy is also consistently questioning Phil why he is not helping her to find a plan. This is indicating that Kathy along with Ben holds the opinion that Phil is actually again falling into Sharon’s trap. He is getting trapped in her honey-coated words once again. But to this Phil asks them that they should not interfere in his personal love life. 

Unexpectedly in between these events, Kate Slater asks Phil to allow her to borrow a car for an errand which is very important for her. But then, unfortunately, this did not last long. Initially, Kate felt relieved when Phil agreed to assist her but soon the fate took its turn and the car broke down when she was returning to Walford.

Courtesy: Digital Spy

On the other side, Sharon being excited for her romantic dinner date with Phil arrived at Wilford East. To her surprise, she had a heated encounter with Kat on her way to the date. Kat angrily kept complaining about her car troubles which caused delay and finally, Sharon had to walk out on her planned romantic date with Phil. Ahh! the romantic date was spoiled completely!

Later on, Phil tried to manage the mishap by explaining himself to Sharon but actually worsened the situations by saying that it is just not the right time for them to rekindle their relationship. Now the question is why did Phil reacted in this way? Is it just a cold feet or his growing closeness with Kat is indicative of any future romantic possibilities between him and Kat? Stay tuned to know the future course of actions!


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