“EastEnders star Jessie Wallace almost spreads out of her multi-coloured wrap dress after a night out”


“EastEnders star Jessie Wallace was seen flaunting her multi-coloured wrap dress as she was returning after enjoying the nightlife in London with her boyfriend”

Wallace was seen enjoying her free time from BBC soap last weekend when she left after enjoying her dinner in Scott’s Restaurant with a male friend. The actress of 49 almost spilled out her colourful maxi dress as she took up a taxi after her date.

Though she was very careful while taking exit after having dinner, still the actress was exposed to her black lingerie and perfect legs she was heading towards home. 

The actress paired up her colourful vibrant dress with high red, black, and golden platform heels and was also carrying a black leather jacket which was looking very expensive. 

She dolled her up with raven looks into sleeks with a peculiar back style in which most of her face was covered with concealer and foundation and her eye dipped in kohl appearing Smokey eyes. 

Wallace returned to BBC soap after being reported as drunk by her fellow members which resulted in her suspension from the series.

Wallace played the role of Kat Slaters, along with she is going to romance with Davood Ghadami who is playing the role of Kush in “EastEnders”. Kush and Kat are in a relationship now and Kush is the former husband of Shabnam Masood, played by rakhee Thakrar.


After her drunk act, her behavior was “called into question”. She often revealed that she was even into crisis meeting with the bosses of the show who suspended her for 2 months after her act. 


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