Echoes: Everything you need to know


In recent years, Netflix has become known for striking multiyear deals with TV creators in general. This has been accomplished with Hollywood heavyweights like Ryan Murphy, creator of “The Politician” and “Hollywood,” Shonda Rhimes, who is managed by Bridgerton, and Matt and Ross Duffer, creators of “Foreign Things.” Brian Yorkey has now signed a profitable agreement with Netflix.

Yorkey previously won the Pulitzer Drama Prize for his work on the Broadway musical “Next To Normal,” and he oversaw the entire four seasons of the Netflix teen drama “13 Reasons Why,” which follows a high school student’s quest to unite his classmates with facts about his recent suicide.

Now, viewers are aware of its first project: “Echoes,” a miniseries about two adults and twins who have a secret habit of living in chaos when one of them goes missing. 

When will Echoes release? 

According to sources, the series will begin production in August 2021 in Wilmington, North Carolina. Echoes will have seven one-hour episodes, as previously confirmed by Deadline. If everything goes as planned, Netflix should be available in 2022.

Yorkey and its former co-creator “13 Reasons Why,” Quinton Peeple, will serve as co-showcasers and executive producers, with Vanessa Gazy credited as the event’s creator and writer.”Creating a TV show that reaches the world from its inception is a privilege and incomparable thrill—an incredible opportunity not only to entertain and surprise, but perhaps to say something important about the world we live in now,” Yorkey said in a statement.

Who is in the cast of the Echoes

There have yet to be any official “Echoes” cast members announced. However, because the show is about to begin production, formal information about the cast will be released soon.

Because the show is about twin sisters, it’s interesting to see who on the Echoes team is playing both lead roles at the same time. It is worth noting that casting a single actor in multiple roles, particularly for twin characters, is not a novel concept. 

For example, in the 2020 edition of a limited series or movies, Mark Ruffalo won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor for his portrayal of the same Dominick and Thomas Birdsey in HBO’s “I know this much is true.”

When a sister misses, however, they are carefully orchestrated, casting doubt on their relationships and individual identity senses.


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