Eddie Redmayne Wrote JK Rowling a Letter Following Trans Comment Backlash


JK Rowling has found herself in a trouble after her anti-trans comment. Author Rowling has gained a lot of love around the world for Harry Potter novels and films but her career took a massive blow recently when she began a chain of tweets that are challenging sensitive gender issues. 

Many of the followers and fans have seen Rowling as TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist). A new name has been added to the list that is of Eddie Redmayne.

What is the issue?

It is heard that Eddie has written a letter to the author of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” about the comments regarding her anti-trans.

This isn’t the first time he has shown his point, the Oscar-winning actor had previously spoken about her outlook on Trans issues earlier during the summers this year.

It has been seen, in the past colleagues and her friends have attempted to make a distance with her. This stand of her is proving harmful for her career. Fans and followers who see Rowling as a true and dedicated person against injustice and discrimination are affected the most.

Things went worse for the author when an early review of her new book came which she has written under the alias Robert Galbraith. The story, as revealed, says that the killer dresses as a woman and gains the confidence of the victims that lead to the initial proof of Rowling being Transphobic.

 Redmayne has come with statements in support of Tran’s people after Rowling’s comments on tweeter which went on media as headlines. According to The Daily Mail, it looks like Eddie went an extra step ahead after writing the letter to Rowling to take over the situation.

It is cleared that Redmayne is strongly disagreed with Rowling’s point. The statement of Redmayne calling Rowling’s backlash ‘disgusting’ clarified the upper statement.

Though the audience will never know what Eddie wrote to Rowling hopefully, we can say this easily that Redmayne has no intention to hurt his friend Rowling. He has come in this matter to make Rowling understand why her comments have hurt so many people.

As we summarize the whole matter, we can say that it was a very kind act of the star of Fantastic Beasts.


Hope Rowling will look into this matter more personally and realize that she has hurt her fans a lot from her comments.

Stay Safe and stunned with us for more details.


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