Edit Your PDF Data Sheets by Converting Them Back to Excel

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Most offices use MS Excel to gather all their data and inventories in one list. It’s a reliable software that can help you get a summary or computation even for a large number of entries. Most people convert their Excel files to PDF to make sure that their contents will keep its integrity. PDFs cannot easily be edited which makes it an effective file format for archiving.


However, there are instances where you may need to edit the contents of your sheet or data information again. No matter how much you make sure that the information is already complete before you convert it to PDF, you will still encounter a need to modify its contents again. And while you can still edit a PDF directly, summarizing tons of data is still more efficient and convenient when accessed on MS Excel.


How to convert PDF to Excel?

Luckily for you, there’s also a convenient way to revert your files to their original format. With the help of an online PDF tool, you can easily convert PDF to Excel in just a matter of a few clicks. It’s a web-based tool that offers a wide range of features to help you modify and maintain PDF documents. To do that, all you need is to open a browser and access their website.


Once you are already on the homepage, you will have to select the option that says PDF to Excel. Make sure that you will select the correct option because you can also convert PDF to other formats such as Word or PowerPoint. After clicking it, the browser will send you to the conversion page. This is where you just need to follow 4 simple steps to convert the file.


  1. Upload the document online. You can choose the Excel file that is saved on your computer or you can simply Drag & Drop the file on the page.
  2. After selecting the file, the tool will automatically scan your document and show an Excel preview of the document. You can adjust some of its appearance based on your preference.
  3. Once you are ready, you can click on Convert. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and the size of your document, the conversion will only take about 2-3 minutes.
  4. You now have the option to download the converted file. You can save it on your computer or you can use the URL to share the document. 


As convenient as that. It’s a plug-and-play tool for everything that you need to modify your PDF files.


Why should you use an online PDF tool?

Aside from its convenience, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider using an online PDF platform such as PDFBear. Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose to use it:


You can do it for free!

Most people are hesitant to use a third-party tool because they often charge a fee. Well, it’s something that you don’t need to worry about plug-and-play with PDFBear. All the features on their website can be used free of charge for minimal use. You will also not be required to sign up or to create an account. Once you access their site, you can access their tools straight.


You don’t need to install any software

Since all the features and services will be done online, you don’t need to worry about installing or downloading any software. It will surely save you tons of time and effort in doing that process. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection and you’re good to go.


You can do it on your mobile phone

One of the best things about PDFBear is that it is not limited to computers. You can also access this platform through your mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. You no longer need to transfer your files from one device to another because you can convert them straight regardless of which device you use.


You can access it from anywhere

Additionally, PDFBear is not limited to the United States. You can also access it even anywhere in the world. It’s the perfect tool that will come in handy if you are working remotely or if you travel for work.


You are sure to be protected

PDFBear is aware of the many malicious activities that happen online. Because of that, they make sure that their users are protected all the time. As stated in the Privacy Policy, they do not keep all the information and data uploaded on their site. It will be deleted an hour after processing it. In that way, you are sure to be away from any potential Internet horrors and your documents are protected as well.


What else can you do with PDBEar?

Aside from converting PDF to Excel, this web-based platform also offers a variety of options to lighten up your daily office load. Here are some of their features.


  • Convert PDF to other files – As mentioned above, you can also convert your PDF documents to other formats such as Word, Powerpoint, and even images. On the other hand, if you need to convert a Word or PPT file to PDF, you can use this one too.
  • Edit the contents of your documents – If you only need to do minimal changes to the contents of your PDFs, you can easily edit it using PDFBear. It will be as if editing an MS Word document without installing any software. It also offers other editing features such as adding page numbers and watermarks. No matter what you need to update your PDF file, this tool can surely assist you.
  • Manage your PDFs – Aside from editing the contents of your document, PDFBear also gives you some of the best options to maintain and manage your PDF files. You can combine multiple PDF documents, extract a file to single pages, reduce the file size of an existing PDF, or even repair a corrupted PDF document.
  • Lock and unlock your PDF – One of the best tools that PDFBear offers is the option to add or remove a password on your PDF file. You can set a password on your PDFs to make sure that only authorized persons will have access to it. However, if you wish to remove a password, you can easily do so by simply using the same tool.


PDFBear: Making your everyday life more convenient

Make sure that your documents are always updated at all times, especially the data and inventories you keep. As much as possible, you want it to have the most accurate information so it will be easier for you to track the progress of your business. PDFBear can help make sure that your data sheets are updated all the time. Visit their website to know more about this tool!


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