Effects of online casinos on regular in-house casinos


    One of the first things that people think of suffering due to the internet boom is shops. You only have to walk down the High Streets of any town in the UK today to see how online shopping has affected town centres. High rents and fewer people willing to make the trip to town has led to boarded up windows from Perth to Penzance.

    Why? Because of the convenience, the ease, and the increased choice of shopping online. It clicks not bricks, and it seems like that shift is here to stay.

    It isn’t just clothes shops in our town centres that have suffered through. Record stores like HMV, video rentals like Blockbuster, as well as nearly every Travel Agent, have all been squeezed out by the internet. And that’s not all. In-house casinos are feeling the heat too, and for all the same reasons.

    Online casinos are more convenient

    Imagine this: you fancy playing some casino 666 slot games, but it’s 8pm on a cold and wet Sunday evening in January. Do you wrap up in a coat, scarf and hat, before walking or driving to your nearest pub or casino? Or do you stay in your warm house, pick up your mobile phone and find an online slot game to play on the sofa?

    It’s a no-brainer. Playing online is simply more convenient for people’s busy lives. Convenience is one of the most important factors that people want when playing any casino games. So if they can save time from having to go to a specific location and instead play at any time they want, it becomes a huge factor as to why online casinos are more popular.

    There’s more choice online

    The choice that online gamers have is staggering. There are literally hundreds of different websites, apps and games for you to pick, and genuinely something for every style of player.

    Whatever your budget, there’s a game for you. Whatever your niche, there’s a game for you. Whatever your attention span, that’s right, there’s a game for you.

    Although places like The Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace and The Hippodrome still offer a wide choice, they’re in stark contrast to the average casinos still found in regular towns around Britain.

    Once you go through the doors of an in-house casino, you’re limited to playing what’s in front of you. However, if you’re looking for some change, playing online is the best way to discover new games. With such a wide range of different games to try, as well as all the new ones constantly being released, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get cold feet online.

    It’s much cheaper to play online

    Online games better cater for every type of budget. This enables the players to feel more in control of their finances and how much money they’re spending.

    What’s more, a full evening’s entertainment online is significantly cheaper than gambling at an in-house casino as the betting levels are so much lower. This is because the online casinos don’t have the overheads or staff to pay. Therefore, they can keep their costs to a bare minimum to suit more players.

    The pay-outs online are bigger!

    The RTP (return to player) percentage is much higher online when compared to traditional casino games. This means that you’re more likely to see a pay-out. For example, online slots are instructed to show their RTP percentage by law, whereas traditional slot machines weren’t. As a result, online games have become more transparent and RTPs have increased dramatically.

    Plus, the RTP on traditional slot machines in Las Vegas are about 75%. Most online slot games contain RTPs of 95% or above, so modern slots are far more generous.

    In addition to this, as there are more people playing online games, many of them operate as a “pool”. This means that as more people are putting money into the pool, the overall prize is bigger and gets paid out more frequently.

    This is seen as a huge incentive for gamblers to play online as opposed to in traditional casinos.


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