Eiza Gonzalez From ‘Baby Driver’ Recalls Being Body-Shamed as a Teen Actor!


Hello Readers! As a matter of fact, this is a one bitter truth for todays times that humans are the biggest enemy of the other humans. Top of that, when it comes to celebrities, the dice rolls in a different tangent altogether.

Having said that,  we have got some  journey highlights of the Mexican actress and singer named, Eiza Gonzalez Reyna born on 30 January 1990.

She has performed various mind-boggling roles in different shows. She is one real example of real beauty and at the age of 24, she was nominated for the award of Hottest Mexican Teen. 

She always nominated for beauty awards and won the award in the category of Best Female Revelation in 2008. 

She is known for her role as Monica Darling Castello in the 2017 action film named Baby Driver directed by Edgar Wright. 

However, the journey has never been so easy and filled with lovely compliments. Keep reading the tough times!

Why she was Body-Shamed!

Eiza recently shared his teenage journey when she gets bad compliment for her physical appearance. Frankly, no one has a right to speak about anyone’s body, so please stop poking nose in others matters! 

When she entered in the filming industry, people complimented on her chubby cheeks her growing body and so on, but she don’t bothered them and carry on her fluffy life. 

She just no one made her lose weight or make any physical changes, but every time is not same, and she is really glad that this perception about ner appearance is changed!

Gonzalez’s mom was her backbone!

Gonzalez was suffering from depression at the teenage of 15 to 20 years as her father died when she was a child! No one can take place of parents! Her mom was her rock because she always supports her even when she’s suffering from depression and dealing with bad compliments. Even due to depression she also gained too much wait bus her mother inspired her and told her not to bother about all these things.

                                                                         She personally faced a lot of pressure from the age of 14 to 19, those were the crucial years of her life. 

This was the emotional story of Eiza Gonzalez, stay tuned to know more inspiring stories of Celebs!


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