Election In the US 2020: How Low Will Donald Trump Go?


The 2020 election will be here. Every Sunday, I outline the 5 huge storylines you need to understand the upcoming week on the campaign trail. And they are position. So the No 1 plot is the most significant of the coming week.

As per the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We should know whether Congress. The White House will search for a way to make a deal before the election on a coronavirus spur package. 

While there were some promising updates. Much of the work left as per one report sent to her colleagues. I am positive that we can reach an agreement before the election. To that point, we are writing language as we discuss terms the priorities. So that we are totally ready to move forward once we reach an agreement. 

The nut the issue reveals to be the size of the bill. Specifically, as it connects to funding for testing for minority districts.

The White House offered a $1.8 trillion bill last week. It Pelosi faster rejected. And at times she looks open to the idea of a deal normally. Other parts of Pelosi’s letter are a little promising. 

The White House has confirmed Democrats that they would accept the language on testing with a light touch. 

The dangerous animal is wounded. Trump searches himself with just over some days. Trump tweets that over the past day’s reports he knows he is losing and no idea about how to turn it around and he is going to try to durn. 

Trump has even trumpeting seriously hacked things ties to the Bidens. He has continuously interrogated the mental health of Biden. It was just a few days back. Trump replied that I don’t know even what lower seems like.


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