America’s 911
America’s 911

911. The first number that comes to mind if anything untoward happens. Be it that your car has broken down, suspicious people are following you or they are at your door, there’s been a robbery. Be it anything, 911 are always there to help you.

Have you ever wondered what life is like for the 911 attendants? If yes then you are in luck because today we talk about a new show which will be hosted by Luke Wilson. Interesting isn’t it? Read on to find out all about it.


Hosted by the American actor Luke Wilson, the show has been named Emergency Calls. The show focuses on the way 911 attendants handle the calls that come from the terrified citizens. It will show how the attendants clam down the caller until the emergency services arrive.

According to Luke Wilson, the attendants at the 911 centers are the real-life heroes who come to the rescue at the most crucial times during an emergency. It is formidable how well the 911 attendants attend the calls and always speak in a polite manner no matter how many calls they are getting in a day.

The show brings these real-life heroes to the limelight who so far had quietly been working from behind the screen, with a headphone on. The show also explores the sometimes funny calls that come to the 911 center. The 911 center is not always a serious place as highlighted by these funny calls. The shows will premiere on the ABC network on 28th September, 2020.

Well then, we hope that you will enjoy this new show a lot. Do tell us what you think those funny calls would have to offer. Taking a leave now. Bye!!


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