‘Emergency Call’ Tells Tales Through the Perceptions of 911 Call-Receivers



  • A new series has launched that tells stories from the perspective of 911 call receivers.
  • It is an unscripted show that reveals how these call takers save lives.
  • Moreover, they don’t just save lives; they also calm people down and send help immediately.

Inside Story

Emergency Call Dispatchers are one of the unacknowledged heroes that nobody talks about. They take risks and save multiple lives daily through 911 calls. To salute such brave-hearted heroes, ABC Network has brought a new show named Emergency Call.

It is based on the true stories of the citizens, which are hosted by Luke Wilson.

According to the sources, the series tries to tell real tales through the eyes of the 911 responders. It is an hour-long unscripted series that shows critical minutes of emergency calls, where the call receivers dare to take risks and save lives.

The story is showcased through the lens of America’s call receivers. Every second is valuable for them, and nothing can bring joy than saving somebody’s life, right?

The 911 call receivers have to be there online to help the person before the arrival of emergency medical services teams, police, firefighters.

Each episode brings a new story that will surely make you want to pat the call receiver’s back for being there during the dramatic moments.  Some stories in this series are suspenseful, extreme, and sometimes humorous.

Luke Wilson said that when he was a kid, he was more into people who would help and save others. He continued that when we are kids, we get drawn to fictional characters and superheroes, but when we become adults, we come to know that the common people are real-life heroes.

In this series, the call receivers are extraordinary people who console and calm the individuals until the help arrives. He also added that these people are the first link to the case who analyze and send aid immediately.

In the end, he said that he feels lucky to be a part of a series like Emergency Call. And it seems like his childhood dream has come true because now he is hosting this legendary show on ABC Network.

Final Words

In the past few months, many rapes, kidnap, and death cases have increased in America. And these call dispatchers, or should we say saviors, have been there patiently listening to us and helping us. Emergency Call’s first episode aired on Monday, September 28, on ABC Network. Return to our website daily for more news about upcoming series and films.


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